Flight of the Earls

Performed June 2014 - The Shed, Shawlands, Glasgow

- Produced and Directed by Sweet For Addicts

Flight of the Earls is a play about modern Ireland. It is set in Donegal in the early years of the new millennium. It charts the lives of two young men who have been friends since their school days. Although they have a very different take on the world in many ways they are as one on the love they share for Celtic and their adoration of Henrik Larsson. Their friendship, like their love of the hoops, is non-negotiable. As the play opens one of the lads, Peadar O'Donnell has just become a father. His buddy, Daragh Gallagher, looks on with a mixture of awe, jealousy and concern as Peadar's life is changed, changed utterly by fatherhood. Flight of the Earls premiered at the Balor Theatre, Donegal in 2005 and toured the west of Ireland in 2007.