Glengarry Glen Ross

Performed - November 2006, Gilmorehill, Glasgow

The office was a fly by night operation which sold tracts of undeveloped land to gullible clients. The Firms advertised on radio and television and the pitch was "Get in on the ground floor.... beautiful homes-sites in scenic locations, for more information call for our beautiful brochure." The office would call them back, assess their income and sales susceptibility, and arrange an appointment with one of the office salesmen. This appointment was called a lead - in the same way that a clue in a criminal case is called a lead - i.e. it may lead to the suspect in the case the suspect being a prospect. The relative worth of these leads was then assessed and assigned to the sales force. The salesmen would then take their assigned leads and go out on appointments, which were called sits... i.e. a meeting where one actually sits down with the prospect.... So that's the background to the play, there is a sales contest near its end. The four salesmen have only several more days to establish their position on the sales graph, the board. The top man wins a Mercedes, the second man wins a set of steak knives, the bottom two get fired. The competition centre's around the leads, with each man trying desperately to get the best ones.