Shining Souls

October 20th - October 22nd 2016 - St Lukes Music/Arts Centre, Glasgow - Click here to buy tickets

"Think of the carnival atmosphere of the Day of the Dead transferred to the streets of Glasgow."

At half six in the morning Charlie, who's homeless, turns up at his wife's door to borrow some dough. When his wife is reluctant to part with any of the small amount of cash, he pitches her the story that his mother is dying and he needs the money to get to the hospital - a story which has him in tears. Later, on this metaphysical day, he finds out his mother really is dying. Instead of going to see her he spends the day losing himself among strangers. Meanwhile its Ann's wedding day. She's haunted by the double-suicide of her sons and can't decide which of the two men who love her she will choose. Her past is a Pandora's Box of horror and loss and today is the day it gets opened. Eleven weird and wonderful characters - including Charlie - get caught up in the ensung pandemonium. All day they seem compelled to invoke world beyond this one - until finally, before dusk, they cross to the other side.

The result is a play that transcends lunacy.

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