Shining Souls Reviews

October 20th - October 22nd 2016 - St Lukes Music/Arts Centre, Glasgow - Click here to buy tickets

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SHINING SOULS is a joy - Daily Telepgragh.

SHINING SOULS leaves a lasting light in the mind unlike that cast ny any other play I can recall - Financial TImes.

The performance is interrupted by rounds of applause for the drop-dead funny dialogue - Herald

Hannan's achievement is to combine hilarity with heartache - New York Times

It's Ann's wedding-day. Her past is a Pandora's Box of horror and loss and today is the day it gets opened. Tenweird and wonderful charachters get caught up in the ensuing pandemonium in the East End of Glasgow. All day they seem compelled to invoke worlds beyond this one - until finally, before dusk, they cross to the other side.

The result is a play which transcends lunacy.

After its acclaimed premier in 1996 at the Traverse, Edinburgh, this award-winning play went on to further productions in London at the Old Vic and in Chicago. In 2003 it was produced in Glasgow by V.amp Productions and the Tron Theatre Company.