The 3 of Me

Performed - September 2007 Gilmorehill, Glasgow

Mad? Insane? Delusional? Who is to judge? Voices in your head?

There are five vowels surrounded by consonants - with these, we make words. What truth have they? I have experiences directly the unfortunate ones whose experiences of these words is intense, whose experiences in this world has turned up the volume of these words and reinforced the horror of the thoughts they create.

Is Joey made? Or could it be that the unfolding circumstances of his life turned up the volume, and his natural creativity sought to assist him in seeing and witnessing his true nature?

The play starts with a man bound in a straight jacket, condemned with no release. Joey arrived there by a series of events and twists of fate brought on by taking what he believed to be a one off small calculated risk. One in which would make passing through university a little easier, one that he believed would bring a small amount of ease to his already devoted relationship with the girl he loved and wanted to spend his life time with.

Al Brody had other thoughts in mind. His insatiable greed for money and power left all expendable, as Joey and his true love Eliza were to find out.

Caught between darkness and light, an opportunity arose. Would Joey seek revenge for loss and incarceration? Or could he enlighten one so dark and callous to see his true nature? Maybe, just maybe he could forgive.